Technical Consulting


ERP Implementations and Upgrades

These projects are among the most challenging for a business to execute successfully. All too many companies fail to achieve the expected results in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our experienced team can successfully guide your team through all the critical phases of an ERP project — requirements definition; process re-engineering; system configuration; customization avoidance; training; testing; legacy integrations; etc.

Digital Supply Chain / EDI

For more than twenty years, we have provided exceptional expertise in all areas of electronic document interchange (EDI) for numerous clients. We offer leading-edge business-to-business EDI services ranging from standards-based technologies to highly customized relationships.


Data Conversion

Converting to a new system or migrating to a newer version of an existing system typically requires data conversion. The Mesa team will lead the process of identifying inconsistencies in the current data, cleansing the data and employing conversion tools to complete the task. Our system expertise combined with our client’s industry knowledge creates an efficient partnership achieving quality results.

System Interfaces / Integration

Most companies today use a variety of software applications. To be effective, these applications should share common data to reduce data entry effort and errors. Also, many companies are also required to share data electronically with their business partners. Mesa consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge to apply to your application integration needs.

Quality Assurance

Too often effective testing and quality assurance for software projects is given only “lip service” leading to problem-laden, delayed, over-budget implementations. Mesa employs stringent testing guidelines on all our software development and maintenance engagements. In addition, we provide independent software testing services from test case development to regression and full system testing to help assure the success of customer software projects. Our team has extensive experience employing appropriate tools for software quality assurance..


Training and Education

We are qualified and experienced in designing, developing, and delivering all types of technology training and education. We focus on practical, “reality-based” programs involving appropriate customer personnel to insure that defined objectives are achieved.

Customer Support

To allow customers to minimize internal support staff and control costs, Mesa tailors custom ongoing support programs to satisfy each customer’s unique needs. Such programs allow you to focus on your core competencies without neglecting the need to provide effective, responsive support to your users and technical staff.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the technique to collect, store, analyze and retrieve business data. BI technology provides historical, current and predictive views of business operations and their performance. The Mesa team can lead you through defining, designing, and implementing your Business Intelligence strategy and goals.


With collectively more than 235 years of experience developing and maintaining applications on the IBMi (aka AS400), our technical team can meet any programming, operations, or support needs for your environment.

The Mesa Group consultants can successfully deliver the expertise and processes your company needs.