Management Consulting

Our management consulting team brings deep entrepreneurial and organizational experience to successfully tackle a variety of business challenges – both management issues and operational problems

Business Management

We can assist your senior and functional management teams in a number of critical areas.


Process Improvement

We can work with you to analyze and evaluate existing processes to identify opportunities to improve your organization’s efficiencies and enhance your competitiveness with minimum impact on employees, suppliers, and customers.

Supply Chain Optimization

We can assist you in developing integrated strategies and plans to achieve optimal effectiveness for the least investment and operating cost. We stay current on emerging technologies and market trends that may benefit customers but consistently apply our practical industry experience to assure realistic expectations and plans.

Electronic Commerce Strategy

Based on our knowledge of emerging technologies, our experience with other customers, and our penchant for practical business solutions, we can assist you in developing plans to integrate exciting new technologies into your operations smoothly and quickly.


Sales and Marketing

The Internet has given customers access to more choices to buy goods and services. Mesa consultants can help you improve performance and results in your sales and marketing functions. Our offerings include training, incentive systems, performance measurement, loyalty programs, competitive intelligence, and customer satisfaction studies.

Business Operations

At tactical and operational levels within client organizations, we provide consulting and advisement services for business operations in numerous functional areas.

Inventory Management

Faced with the continuous challenge to improve your bottom line, it is imperative that you effectively manage your inventory to increase profits. We can support you in analyzing your inventory to determine strategies to improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction, reduce inventory investment, and enhance buyer productivity.


Our professionals can identify and recommend effective warehouse management strategies, material-handling procedures, inventory control programs, and appropriate warehouse technologies.


Have the right material, at the right place, at the right quantity, at the right time. Mesa consultants help you formulate strategies to reduce the “art” and increase the “science” of procuring, producing, and distributing material.

Accounting and Finance

Mesa accounting and finance professionals have extensive practical experience. They offer expertise to customers in all areas of ‘back office’ operations. We have particular strengths in accounting information systems and financial reporting application

IT Management / Governance

Our Information Technology Management consulting services address the full range of client needs.

Information Technology Planning

Mesa consultants with broad real-world experience can support your company in developing and implementing effective IT strategies and supporting realistic implementation plans.

Technology Selection and Acquisition

We have a successful track record of supporting customer initiatives to select and acquire new information technologies. Our particular strengths are in the areas of ERP, SCM, WMS, and CRM solutions as well as numerous “bolt on” products that enhance or complete major application software suites.

Information Technology Organization and Staffing

Many of our consultants had prior successful careers as senior IT managers in diverse businesses. They are particularly skilled at assisting senior and functional managers in designing an appropriate IT organization and staffing the organization with skilled, effective employees.

Systems Audit and Assessment

Our seasoned professionals can provide an independent review and evaluation of your existing systems technology foundation. We can help you determine the viability of legacy applications and the supporting hardware and network infrastructure. Often these services are provided in the context of a strategic planning process and lead to recommendations concerning needs to upgrade or replace IT system components and/or to consider complementary technology opportunities.

Interim IT Staffing / Leadership

Leveraging rich experience and in-depth current knowledge of all areas of the IT function, our consultants are qualified to fill many temporarily open positions in your IT organization. We have successfully provided such services for positions ranging from purely technical (programmer, analyst, EDI specialist, etc.) up to chief information officer (CIO).


Change Management

The objective of Change Management in the IT arena is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to control the IT infrastructure; the goal is to minimize the number of issues and any adverse impact on services. Following established, proven methodologies, your Mesa professionals can lead you through the implementation of these systems and introduction of new processes into your organization.

Project Management

Our tools and methods for technical project management have been developed based on our real-world experience and validated on many successful engagements. Our project management philosophy focuses on time and cost controls while maintaining the primacy of quality

Iptor eBook on Inhouse Technology

The Mesa Group works with various industries with the same challenges and continually provides our unique expertise to offer the best solutions.