Mesa has an extensive track record assisting pharmaceutical distributors of all sizes in implementing, upgrading, and supporting industry-optimized ERP solutions.

Key Industry Considerations

  • External controls / multitude of unique needs
  • Strict regulatory compliance requirements
  • Advanced warehousing requirements (controlled substances / quarantine / refrigeration)
  • Rebates / chargebacks / recalls
  • Track & trace functionality

Experts in Iptor 1 Pharma

Mesa has been very involved in the definition and release of Iptor’s new SaaS version of their flagship ERP solution customized for pharma distributors.

Iptor 1 Pharma is carefully tuned to address the custom, critical needs of the distributor in the pharma industry. Further, Iptor is committed to continuous improvement for the product to insure it meets the full range of your needs. Specific industry-critical capabilities address:

DQSA/DSCSA compliance

• e-pedigree (superseded by DSCSA)
• Serialization (Pallet, outer/inner box)
• Lot and date handling
• EDI transactions
• T3 statement
• VRS integration

ARCOS Reporting

(Automation of Reports and Consolidation Ordering System)

Item Cross Reference

• NDC #, Brand Name, Generic

Item attributes

• dosage, strength, packaging, unit, form

Clinical drug database interface

(i.e. Medi-Span)

Enhanced Customer service experience

• Alternate item lookup

CSOS (Control Substance Ordering System)

• DEA Form 222 (paper)

DEA/state license and validation

• Integration with License Verify™ (Legisym)
• Other integrations

Rebates / Chargebacks

Improving business performance, turning risk and compliance into opportunities, developing strategies, and enhancing value are at the core of The Mesa Group services.