At Iptor Connect Americas in Key Largo, Florida, Iptor has reached a milestone in its product transformation with the announcement of the launch of Version 11 of their flagship ERP solutions DC1 and IP1 as leading platforms for distribution and publishing businesses.

Building on the success of Version 10, Iptor’s leading ERP solution redefines usability with visual flows and “Iptor Cockpit” replacing traditional menus and enabling easier system navigation. Moreover, Iptor’s open API framework, aperīo, now facilitates even better connectivity by enabling flexibility for modifications outside of the product core via “aperīo views” – allowing bi-directional integration of external services in the core user interface. This provides an easy, fast option to add specific modifications for customers without impacting their ability to upgrade.

Version 11 also provides easy migration paths to the cloud through its in-built connectivity and AI capabilities. These include embedded connectors to IBM Watson Supply Chain Insight and the Iptor AI bot “Sara”, offering a plug and play artificial intelligence injection and a best in class cloud service provided in partnership with IBM.

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