Asset Protection
We have the products and the skills to meet your Cyber Security Compliance needs, ranging from changing regulatory requirements to those driven by your internal audit organization

Experience and Foresight
We offer leading-edge business-to-business EDI services based on more than 15 years experience

System Upgrades
Keeping Systems Updated
In addition to development of new software, we provide full services for keeping customer software portfolios up-to-date or converting to new systems
Where a Handshake Still Means Something

Since our founding in 1995, The Mesa Group has been dedicated to providing tailored solutions for critical business and information technology challenges within the distribution, light manufacturing, and retail industries.

Our dedicated staff of business and technology consultants each has the skills and industry-specific experience to quickly augment the strengths of your organization and assist you in achieving your IT and business objectives.

We believe that our continued success and growth is totally dependent on helping our clients succeed.

is the foundation for all the services we provide to our clients. It permeates and supports every facet of what we do.
We are never satisfied until you, our client, is fully satisfied.
Jim Smith, President